Maailmanmusiikkiklubi esittää: Merve & Vija

Edit 24.8.: Due to the rainy weather Merve & Vija will perform indoors at Korjaamo’s Kulmasali. Free entrance, welcome!

When percussionist Vija Moore and pianist Merve Abdurrahmani first started playing together, they were immediately influenced by each other’s rhythmic expressions. In this concert, Merve and Vija will perform improvised and comprovised music inspired not only by their shared love of rhythms but also by a diverse range of musical traditions from various genres, cultures, and places around the world.

Merve Abdurrahmani is a Kosovar pianist, singer, arranger and composer who was born in Finland. The music she creates is influenced by the melodies and rhythms she was surrounded by while growing up. Her music style includes free improvisational music, traditional Albanian and Turkish music, classical music, pop, as well as electronic music.

Vija Moore is a percussionist and composer based in Finland, originally from Latvia. She is interested in exploring improvisation as an art form of expression and collaboration. She has also been introduced to a wide variety of music traditions from different styles, genres, cultures and places around the world.

Klo 18 DJ Magic Sam (Funky Amigos)
Klo 19 Merve & Vija
Klo 20:30 DJ Magic Sam (Funky Amigos)

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