Papucho y Su Manana Club (CUB)

Ke 8.5.2024 Vaunusali
20:00 Ovet
21:00 Showtime
After Party @ DJ
00:30 valomerkki

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Papucho y Su Manana Club is a Cuban timba group, led by Cuban bassist-violinist and songwriter, Pedro Lázaro Ordóñez Padrón (”Papucho”), consisting of 11 musicians who have recorded several successful albums.

”Manana” is a Yoruba term used between rumberos and Cuban musicians to refer to a deep feeling that comes directly from the heart.

International tours to countries such as Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, and even France during the “Festival International Cubano à Orange”

Europe Tour 2017 and 2022 where all concerts were sold out.


This Orchestra has 4 record productions. Two of them have been signed with the Italian record label CUBAMUSIC,
remaining among the Best Sellers of the platform, and 2 of its songs for more than 3 months at number 1 of the most
sold from the platform www.cubamusic.com. The third production is licensed under the Cuban label EGREM (more label importantly the island of Cuba) which has a high
demand among the followers of this dance music all over the world. The fourth production launched in
June 2O22 under the Unicornio label of “Producciones Abdalahas” the participation of 13 top-level figures from the
Cuban and international scene is among the most listening to Cuban dance music on digital platforms
and streaming, online radio stations, salsa schools, clubs, and festivals worldwide. Your songs
are more played among the international DJ community and professional dancers, thus increasing the number of followers every time.

List of releases:
2023 – Historia De Amor ft. Paky Madarena – Single

2022 : Timba 3.0 (Abdala Productions)
2019 : Pa´ cualquiera (Egrem)
2017 : Respeta (Cubamusic Record)
2015 : Mi Manana (Cubamusic Record)
2012 : Contra la Pared (Cubamusic Record)

TIMBA 3.0 (CD content)
1- Timba 3.0 Feat. Alej Casanova,
2- Somos una Bomba Feat. Yasser Ramos,
3- Llegué Feat. Alain Flores,
4- Si me preguntas Feat. El Noro ,
5- Como siento el amor Feat. Angel Yos ,
6- Tóxicas Feat. El Niño ,
7- Homenaje a mi timba Feat. Dagoberto Vázquez,
8- Si tú eres dura Camina Feat. Mixael Cabrera,
9- Cuéntale Feat. Yordis Larrazabal,
10- Son ellos mi rumba Feat. Los Papines ,
11- No basta con amar Feat. Alcibiades Durruthy,
12- A La Rumba Feat. Mandy Cantero
13- Ya no soy el mismo Feat. Eugenio Rodriguez.

More info about this artist:
At 7 years old ”Papucho” entered the Manuel Saumell music school in Havana and specialized in the violin, an instrument that his grandfather Lazaro Jesús Ordóñez played in music groups including Fajardo y sus estrellas alongside Enrique Jorrín, l’ Orquesta Revé, Frank Emilio y sus amigos, Pancho el Bravo, etc.
During his civil service, Papucho taught violin at the Ernesto Lecuona music school in Sancti Spíritus. He first forms a small jazz group, but the school director wants to see all the young teachers of the school at the end-of-year gala, and Papucho will form the timba group Manana Club for the occasion which will therefore occur during the gala on April 4, 2008.

Silvio Jesús Quevedo Vázquez


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