Grave Pleasures (Levyjulkkarit)

Hotly anticipated third album from Finland’s most notorious modern day Post-Punk outfit, Grave Pleasures drop their new “post-punk wet dream,” Plagueboys on 21st April 2023. 

Plagueboys blows up the promise of cult classic 2017 album Motherblood into a danceable gothic pop-feast of existential disintegration for the roaring 20’s. An exhilarating, tear-filled, grinning dance of death, undoubtedly Grave Pleasures most sophisticated album yet, for fans of Depeche Mode, Joy Division, Bauhaus, Killing Joke and Echo & The Bunnymen.

Grave Pleasures is performing at Korjaamo Kulmasali 28th of april 2023.


20:00 ovet
21:00 Dome Runner
22:00 Grave Pleasures

Liput 22,50€

Liput ovelta 25€, mikäli jäljellä

Eteispalvelumaksu 3,50€ peritään ovella (VAIN KORTTIMAKSU)

Ikäraja K18


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